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Hiring Nepalese Workers in Europe & Middle East

Article Published on Tue May 22

Achieve International Pvt. Ltd, is one of the recruitment agency in Nepal dealing with reputed companies to provide Nepalese Workers.  Our mission is to be a global leader in managing risk, improving safety, enhancing quality and optimizing results. We are very excited to inform that Achieve International Pvt. Ltd is now providing its services to […]

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Gurkha History

Article Published on Fri Dec 29

Robert Clive’s decisive victory at the Battle of Plassey in 1757 firmly established British supremacy in India thereby opening the door for expansion of the Honourable East India Company. Some 10 years after Plassey the British started to come into contact with a unique and vigorous power on the northern borders of its newly won territories […]

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Why recruit from Nepal?

Article Published on Mon Jan 8

The introduction of the Nepalese people to the outside World began with the enlistment of Nepali soldiers of fortune in the British Gurkhas Army in 1814 A.D. serving under the British Empire to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore & United Kingdom, where they established their reputation for bravery and loyalty. Centuries later, with the advent […]

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