Code of Practice & Ethics

Code of Practice & Ethics

Achieve encourage Nepali Staff to promote honest and ethical toward the company .We believe that the use of Nepali workers should only be considered when there are very limited recruitment options in the country they are going to work and that employers should pay the same rate as they would pay a local employee

Whilst we realize that in many cases the main motivation of a foreign employee may be financial, we do encourage them to learn about the community they will be travelling to and living in, as well as the opportunity to improve their professional and language skills

Achieve makes every effort to ensure that all documents are verified through authorized bodies to present authentic and true original copy.

We always encourage employers to make use of skills assessment videos or come to the country of the applicants to conduct a live skills assessment and training skills to candidates in order to maintain their work in abroad.  Although this may take longer, it significantly reduces the risk of unsuitable skills levels.

We make every effort to see all applicants face to face; this is done through our recruitment trips to do bulk interviews in different parts of the country.

All agents working through Achieve are trained to work to a screening process for providing shortlisted candidates.

Achieve ascertain that candidates are assigned to work sites that are safe and understand the nature of work  and provide accurate information regarding terms of employment , job descriptions and benefits as per client.